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A jumbo mortgage, commonly referred to as a jumbo loan, exceeds the borrowing guidelines set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). Unlike traditional mortgages, such loans aren’t eligible for purchase, guarantee, or securitization by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

These mortgages are specifically crafted to finance upscale properties in desirable real estate locales. They come with their own set of underwriting standards and tax implications. At Banrock, we provide an array of Jumbo Loans up to $10,000,000, catering to varying needs – be it low credit score requirements, minimal reserve prerequisites, first-time buyers, or high LTV without the need for mortgage insurance.

Jumbo 30 yr Fixed - Bronze
  • Max DTI 50%
  • Reserves Determined by DU/LP
  • Min Fico 680
  • Max LTV 90%
  • Max Loan Amount  $3.5M
Jumbo 30 Yr Fixed - Silver
  • Max DTI 45%
  • Reserves determined by DU/LP
  • Min Fico 680
  • Max LTV/CLTV 89.99%
  • Max Loan Amount $3M
Jumbo 30 Yr Fixed - Gold
  • Max DTI 43% Self Empoyed 35%
  • Reserves 9 Months 
  • Min Fico 700
  • Max Loan Amount $3M
Jumbo 30 Yr Fixed - Diamond
  • Max DTI 49.99%
  • Reserves 6 months 
  • Min Fico 660
  • Max LTV 80%
  • Max Loan Amount $3M
Jumbo 40 YR Fixed 10 YR IO
  • Interest Only 10 years
  • Reserves 12 Months 
  • Min Fico 700
  • Max DTI 43%
  • AUS – DU Only 
  • Primary and Second Homes
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Banrock Private Money


FANNIE MAE AND FREDDIE MAC CONFORMING/HIGH-BALANCE (FNMA/FHLMC) • Up to 97% financing • 100% of down payment and closing costs may be gifted • No credit score required subject to AUS on standard conforming loan limits • Up to 10 financed properties • Appraisal transferred allowed on standard conforming loan limits

Banrock Commercial Loans


• Up to 105/150% LTV/CLTV • Minimum FICO 620 • No mortgage insurance • PIW is acceptable subject to AUS

Banrock Home Loans


Home Ready is an affordable low-down-payment mortgage product designed for creditworthy low- to moderate-income borrowers. • Low down payment – up to 97% LTV financing for home purchases • No first-time buyer requirement • Flexible sources of funds with no minimum contribution from the borrower’s own funds (one-unit properties)

Banrock Private Money


• Low 3.5% down payment • Up to 85% cash out • FICOs from 580 • Flexible credit + underwriting guidelines • Gift funds permissible for 100% of required investment and closing costs • Manual underwriting/AUS Refer

Banrock Commercial Loans


• FICOs from 580 • Flexible credit + underwriting guidelines • Mortgage only credit report accepted • May not need to document funds to close • Variable loan terms down to 240 can help meet NTB test • No appraisal requirement • No income verification

Banrock Home Loans


• Minimum 680 FICO • Tax transcripts for W2 • 4506T tax transcripts validated regardless of income source • Follows FHA Guidelines • Double or triple-wide only. No single-wide units. • Min. 400 sq. ft. Must be constructed after 6.15.76 • No new construction or MH condos permitted • Non-traditional credit is not allowed